About Us

About Us


It was 1974 when the Del Carro brothers decided to go into business for themselves by opening a mechanical workshop for turning work on behalf of third parties. Their great passion for this work meant that in just a few years Del Carro specialised in the construction of moulds for thermoplastic articles, in the medical and horticultural sectors.

By the end of the 1980s, production was almost entirely reserved for moulds for music cassettes, boxes and internal accessories (rollers, hubs) with exports to 14 different countries on all continents.

Today, Del Carro specialises in the design and construction of technical, two-component and unscrewing moulds with high dimensional requirements for the automotive, civil and medical sectors.

The experience we have gained over the years means that we are able to provide the customer with support at all stages of production from design and construction to injection moulding and dimensional inspection.


We perform preventive analyses of the part and the moulding process, verifying injection channels and conditioning using simulation software. We support our customers in the industrialisation of parts. Designs are carried out entirely with 3D modellers, providing a bill of materials and details on paper.